At HPW Accountants we pride ourselves on being specialists in the area of superannuation, in particular Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, or SMSF.

Superannuation is an extremely complex issue which affects every wage earner and business owner in Australia. This is a highly-regulated financial sector where stringent legislative controls are in place. Every person who pays PAYG tax is compelled to contribute to a superannuation scheme.

While many PAYG wage earners contribute their superannuation funds to an industry fund, self-employed business owners establish a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, or commonly referred to as a SMSF. While the term self-managed may convey that “you must manage your own fund’
the reality is that the vast majority of SMSF are managed by a professional specialist, like HPW Accountants.

Establishment of SMSF

A SMSF is not for everyone. We can advise you as to whether a SMSF is appropriate for your specific situation. A SMSF can provide members with greater control over their super fund assets. Generally, a SMSF is suitable for

  • High net worth individuals.
  • Family members
  • Those who have already accumulated at least $250,000 in superannuation.

As a SMSF specialist, HPW Accountants can advise you on whether a SMSF is appropriate for you. If this is the case we can then establish the fund and register it with the ATO.

Administration of SMSF

We make it easy for you to administer your SMSF. At HPW Accountants we complete your annual return to the ATO, manage the funds under investment, report frequently to you, the client, and manage the day to day record keeping. We understand that your superannuation fund is a vitally important nest egg which is essential for your retirement years. At HPW Accountants, your superannuation is in safe hands.

Planning Strategies for Retirement

To achieve your objectives for retirement you will need to plan for the future and take advice on your investment options. Based on years of experience and handling many SMSF clients, HPW Accountants can deliver sound advice for you to decide how you would like your superannuation funds invested. We take the position that while we advise and provide recommendations, it is ultimately your decision to make in terms of ‘risk and reward’.

SMSF Wills

People who operate a SMSF fund need to consider that there can be important implications with their estate planning. While we are not specialists in the area od estate planning, we do provide legal professionals with financial SMSF advice, on behalf of our clients.

SMSF Borrowing/LRBA

The general rule is that your SMSF can’t borrow money, although like all rules the ‘no borrowing’ rule has some exceptions. Such as Loan Recourse Borrowing Arrangements to purchase SMSF assets – HPWA can provide professional advice in relation to LRBA’s.