Personal Taxation

Persaonl Taxation small business and wage earners

Personal taxation and wealth creation go hand in hand. By minimising one you can maximize the other.  Whether you are a wage earner or business owner, at HPW Accountants we have the experience, knowledge and accreditations to assist clients with their taxation and wealth creation requirements.

Income Tax Returns

Most people need to lodge a tax return every year. There are key dates for lodgement and heavy penalties for those who either do not lodge a tax return, or supply the ATO with false information. While the ATO has an on-line facility which enables taxpayers to lodge their own tax return, HPW Accountants can assist you and take the worry out of the process. We can ensure that your tax return is completed correctly and ensure that any refund due is maximized.


Whether you are a wage earner or operate a business, the ATO has essential compliance regulations which must be observed. These range from the simple to the complex and onerous. As specialists in taxation, HPW Accounts keeps right up to date with all of the latest tax legislation and ATO rulings. Failure to comply with the tax requirements can have very serious implications.