Business Advisory

Business advice and success management

Financial knowledge of your business provides you with the power to succeed and then thrive. Having an informed and experienced team of accountants on your team is the first essential step to achieving a strong business. More than just providing essential tax and compliance work, HPW Accountants has a range of business support services to assist owners and business managers.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

A profit and loss statement together with a balance sheet only tells part of the story. A skilled accountant can consider your data and provide you with a whole range of performance reports. This data allows you to build a bank of performance reports which will highlight business trends, both positive and those which are of concern and require remedial action.

Industry Comparisons

Compared to others in your industry, how well is your business performing? HPW Accountants has access to financial performance data which allows you to benchmark and compare your business to the accepted industry standards. With the support and guidance of your accountant, you will be able to make essential industry comparisons.

Business Valuations

Thinking of selling? Need to raise funds against your business asset? We can undertake a thorough financial assessment of your business and provide an accurate valuation.

Tax Planning

Tax deferred - tax minimized – ensuring that a tax payment fits in with your cash flow... it all comes back to sound financial planning. By working within the guidelines set down by the ATO, we can plan a taxation strategy that best suits your personal and business requirements.

Management Consultancy

Your support team HPW Accountants can assist you with much more than the dollars and cents of your business.   Many of the regulations which impact upon the day to day operation of your business, from personnel to entitlements to streamlining work practices, can be provided by your accountant.   While you may be skilled in your trade or your products, HPW Accountants can bring knowledge, experience and advice about HOW to run and operate your business.

Business Structure

Deciding on the most appropriate business structure for your business requires a careful assessment of financial considerations and legal implications. Sole trader, partnership, incorporated company, trust, not-for-profit…. There are many choices, each with their own benefits and each with limitations.

Once the most appropriate business structure has been identified, HPW Accountants can then undertake the necessary registrations to have you up and running quickly. Registration of business names, set up of a company, various lodgements with ASIC and registration with the ATO for GST can be a worrying and confusing minefield for the uninitiated. HPW Accountants can handle these requirements professionally and competently.